nine mile lake cottagers'
(PARRY sound) association


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I obtain a fire number or an emergency address for my cottage?
A: Call the McDougall Township municipal office and speak to the Fire Chief.

Q: Which LCBO is closer?  Parry Sound or McKellar or Parry Sound Sobeys?
A: Parry Sound LCBO via Parry Sound Dr.

Q: How can I become association president?
A: Attend an AGM and don't pay attention to what you're voting on.

Q: According to the Ontario Ministry of Environment which fish species will thrive and which will struggle in Nine Mile Lake due to our warming environment?
A: Bass will thrive and pike will struggle.

Q: Can algae blooms be harmful to humans?
A: Algae blooms can irritate the skin of some people, and if ingested, can make you ill.  An algae bloom is not a plant, an algae bloom is a mass of tiny organisms.